Wat klanten over Croes Debiteurenbeheer zeggen:

    + Strong and likable character (prefers catching flies with honey but
       can be firm if needed)
    + Outstanding work ethos
    + Get things done (even in chaotic / non-cooperative environment)
    + Exceptional IT skills (adapts very quickly to unfamiliar (ERP) systems)

Mrs. Croes is an exceptionally strong collections manager. I have had the privilege of working with her for nearly a year at EV-Box, market leader in charging solutions for electric vehicles.

Back then, our company had just come out of startup-phase. With a new private equity owner came a turbulent period of keeping up with its strong growth while also professionalizing the business as fast as possible. Our debtor position, being way off limits and a potential barrier for growth, was a key focus area. Hence, I hired the services of Nicole to help us bring down our debtor position.

Within months, Mrs. Croes managed to bring our outstanding debtor days down from 130+ to 60 salesdays.

More importantly perhaps is her sunny and likeable approach allowing her to activate anyone within our organization to get thing done. Moreover, she knows and prefers to “catch flies with honey instead of vinegar” and thus can be entrusted with any customer relation.


As a result, our customers where actually very happy and thankful to pay us.

David Van Hasselt
Chief Financial Officer at EV-Box


Croes Debiteurenbeheer

Contactpersoon: Nicole Croes

Tel. 06-83168610


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